Vande Bharat Express 2.0 to be launched on Secunderabad-Vijayawada route

On the Secunderabad-Vijayawada route, India will reveal its eighth Vande Bharat Express, a semi-high speed train capable of reaching 160 km/h in less than 140 seconds, on January 19. The Vande Bharat 2.0 train is anticipated to be extended to Visakhapatnam in February and will be faster than its predecessor. The new train will stop at the stations located in Warangal, Khammam, Vijayawada, and Rajahmundry. This is the second Vande Bharat Express train to be introduced in South India; the first was on the route between Chennai and Mysuru.

The Vande Bharat Express, popularly known as Train 18, is a semi-high-speed intercity EMU train created and manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai, India (ICF). It was meant to replace the Shatabdi Express trains, which are the fastest trains in India at now. The train is equipped with modern comforts and technology, such as Wi-Fi, a GPS-based passenger information system, and automatic doors.

To reduce wind resistance and improve energy efficiency, the train’s nose is aerodynamic and its coaches are lightweight. In addition, it was constructed with coaches made of stainless steel designed for 180 km/h with the ability to boost the speed to 200 km/h. In addition, it is equipped with a bio-vacuum toilet system, automatic doors, and a GPS-based passenger information system.

Vande Bharat Express has a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour and was built to operate on the Indian railway network with an emphasis on lowering journey time and enhancing passenger comfort. It was the first train constructed under the Make in India initiative of the Indian government. The trains serve as replacements for the Shatabdi Express trains.

During his visit to Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this brand-new train. During his visit, the Prime Minister will also dedicate the 85-kilometer-long, Rs 1,410-billion railway doubling line project between Secunderabad and Mahabubnagar to the nation. He will also lay the foundation stone for other projects, including the Rs 699-crore redevelopment/modernization of Secunderabad Railway Station and a Rs 521-crore railway periodic overhauling workshop at Kazipet.

The route of the Vande Bharat Express between Vijayawada and Secunderabad, as well as the train’s schedule, fare, and other specifics, have not yet been published. The seven Vande Bharat Express trains currently in service are:

1: New Delhi – Varanasi Vande Bharat Express
2: New Delhi – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra (J&K) Vande Bharat Express
3: Gandhinagar and Mumbai Vande Bharat Express
4: New Delhi to Amb Andaura in Himachal Pradesh Vande Bharat Express
5: Chennai-Mysuru Vande Bharat Express 6: Nagpur-Bilaspur Vande Bharat Express
7: Howrah – New Jalpaiguri Vande Bharat Express

The first Vande Bharat Express train was launched between New Delhi and Varanasi on February 15, 2019, and it has taken India nearly three years to launch eight such semi-high speed trains. It is unlikely, according to experts, that the government will accomplish its August 2023 goal of operating 75 trains equipped with the latest technologies.

Vande Bharat 2.0 is rumoured to be lighter than its predecessor, Vande Bharat Express, which weighed 430 tonnes. Additionally, the trains are outfitted with larger 32-inch television displays and Wi-Fi.

Overall, the advent of this new Vande Bharat Express train is a big improvement for India’s rail transportation system, since it not only boosts the number of semi-high-speed trains in the country but also enables passengers to move more quickly and efficiently.


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