Smart eNotes has set out a plan to make a distinction within the lives of students. Our goal is even to help weakest of minds to crack hardest of exams. In this endeavour, we committed to starting a website which gives a unique high-quality self-instructional materials and steerage to the scholars who appear in the competitive exams. Smart eNotes has been created keeping the same thing in mind, that is, to give the students every input and guidance they need to outshine at their highest potential.

The outclass notes on this site are intended for both students and teachers. They are designed to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and processes. However, while these notes are designed to help you, you must not be a slave to them. Remember, no one reading of anything is definitive.

Experienced Team

Smart eNotes comprise a professional group of senior teachers and lecturers, with the expertise of 15 years or extra. The lecturers work very arduous for creating self-instructional materials useful for all ranges of scholars.

Excellent Study Material

The study materials out there on Smart eNotes is full in all respects with a detailed concepts, illustrated examples, practice questions and solved problems for every subject. The emphasis is on offering concise and complete research materials so that even common average students can grasp the topics thoroughly and completely. Nobody is left behind.

A Network of Success

When you visit Smart eNotes, you earn a spot inside a community of intelligent and savvy minds in varied fields. Most of the previous college students have made themselves out there to assist present students construct connections and acquire profession steerage.

Doubt Clearance

The Students at Smart eNotes discover the doubt clearing system fairly useful. It is the place the scholars can shout their inquiries to the subject experts and focus on with them any doubt they’ve about any subject. The students shall feel free to ask any question at any time.

Motivational Stories

Smart eNotes provides regular motivational stories by renowned specialists to encourage the students to make them a winner. We need college students to get totally impressed & charged to face any competitive exams.

Special Classes

Not every student comes to Smart eNotes with the acumen to be a topper. They are skilled to turn into one right here at Smart eNotes. The SIM has been created within the method that even the weakest students can really feel and catch up with the rest of students at the same time. Smart eNotes also helps the bright students in the absolute best manner to enhance their good performances to outshine others and get the best rank.

Our Philosophy

At Smart eNotes, we don’t simply give attention for ensuring top ranks for the few students of their batches instead our goal is to assist probably the most varied number of students get into the highest ranks, this can be a challenge because it means pushing the averagely good students in performing brackets.

This requires consistent hard work, motivation and an immense quantity of practice on a part of the scholars. Fact is whereas the most students are smart and have the potential to excel they often fall in need of dedication to practice and work hard. That is why we put regular emphasis on review, reward and active participation of students too far to uncover the potential they have.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to bestow holistic material to the scholars for their educational excellence and inculcating national and human values in them through academic and socially meaning activities.

Our Mission

To present high quality, student-centred study materials and life long studying alternatives for the communities we serve.


Founder members of the website feels aggrieved with the current education system in India in addition to the rest part of the world. Our endeavour is to unfold throughout the complete education eco-system from school to expertise.

The important outcome of the whole education system is marked with the technology-enabled products, high-quality people structured course and entrepreneurial, leadership the come together to deliver unmatched unparalleled value from school to high-level competitions exams.

Thank you.