Nationalism in India

Loading… Loading… Nationalism in India Satyagraha Satyagraha means urge for ‘Satya’ or truth. It is not merely insistence on truth but holding on to truth through moral and non-violent ways. It is not the imposition of one’s will over others, but it is appealing to the reasoning of the opponent. Read more…

The Principal Poetic Works of Shelley

Loading… Loading… The Principal Poetic Works of Shelley A. Early Poems (i) Queen Mab (1813) – This poem attacks Christianity for professing love while inciting its followers to religious intolerance. The corrupting influences of kings and priests are also exposed in the poem, and the Golden Age is prophesied. It Read more…

Machines and Emotions Summary

The writer says that the machines have made the life of their owners comfortable but those of the workers miserable. Machines demand the qualities of regularity, punctuality, and exactness while there is no scope for the workers to do anything different or new. Their desire to do something is never satisfied and they become rebellious. They find their satisfaction in world wars. The writer makes some suggestions so as to avoid the possibility of a third world war by making the workers happy.

A Handful Of Dates Summary

A Handful of Dates” is an interesting but thought-provoking short story. The writer attacks the false religiosity and pretentious piety of the adults like the grandfather in the story. The young boy considers him a role model. He adores him to the skies and regards any service to him as a sort of worship. However, on knowing his true self, he dislikes and hates him so much that he spews out the dates given to him by the grandfather.

The Daffodils By William Wordsworth

“The Daffodils” is one of the most famous poems written in the English language. William Wordsworth, also known as ‘the poet of nature’, vividly recreates the beautiful sight of a stretch of daffodils. He also shares with the reader how the memory of the daffodils brings him back from a serious and deep mental state.