The Principal Poetic Works of Shelley

Loading… Loading… The Principal Poetic Works of Shelley A. Early Poems (i) Queen Mab (1813) – This poem attacks Christianity for professing love while inciting its followers to religious intolerance. The corrupting influences of kings and priests are also exposed in the poem, and the Golden Age is prophesied. It Read more…

The Daffodils By William Wordsworth

“The Daffodils” is one of the most famous poems written in the English language. William Wordsworth, also known as ‘the poet of nature’, vividly recreates the beautiful sight of a stretch of daffodils. He also shares with the reader how the memory of the daffodils brings him back from a serious and deep mental state.

The Suitor and Papa Summary, Theme and Title

The Suitor and Papa is written by the Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov. Chekhov uses wit and irony to add interest and humour to this story, which tells the tale of a charming lad who wishes to put off any real responsibility in life for as long as possible. Chekhov, whose greatest masterpieces are The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanda, uses familiar themes and morals in The Suitor and Papa.

Miracles By Walt Whitman Summary and Questions

For ages, people have had differing opinions about miracles. Did miracles really happen or the universe is the product of a chance? Across all cultures, peoples, and time periods, there have been stories of miracles. According to the general view, miracles are hard to believe and can’t be explained on scientific grounds. But Whitman claims that he has never known anything other than miracles.