Inklings  From  the  Dark By Rahman  Rahi, translated by  Prof  G R Malik Summary, Themes and Poetic Devices

Loading… Loading… “Inklings From the Dark” is a metaphysical poem. It unveils the plight of modern society caused by moral corruption, exploitation and uneven distribution of power. It also endeavours to bring hope in times of terror, turbulence and violence. Introduction: “Inklings from the Dark” is a metaphysical poem. It Read more…

Unknown Citizen By W.H. Auden Summary

The Unknown Citizen is a satirical poem by the poet W.H. Auden in 1939. It is based on a regular citizen or a common man in a state controlled by the government. Auden in the poem describes a citizen for whom a monument has been erected as an example of a citizen with no faults. Auden in the poem critiques modern society and its functioning.