Summary and Question Answers of The Last Lesson | Flamingo English Class 12

The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet was written in the days of the Franco – Prussian War in which France was defeated by Prussia led by Bismark. The French district of Alsace and Lorraine passed into Prussian hands. It showcases the fact that the oppressor wants not only territory but also dominates over the language and culture of a particular country thus, taking away even the identity of the subjugated people.

Kanthapura By Raja Rao Summary

The novel opens with the picturesque definition of the village and ends with its ruin. Raja Rao has faithfully captured the spirit of resurgence of India’s freedom struggle at the wake of Gandhian impact: its religious concerns, its political philosophy and its socio-economic dynamics, everything has been adequately discussed just as Gandhi had tried to bring about the all-round development of the country.

A River’ by Ramanujan Summary and Analysis

The poem ‘A River’ by Ramanujan is one of his finest poems taken from his magnum opus, The Striders (1965).In this poem, the poet has compared and contrasted the attitudes of the old poets and those of the modern poets towards human misery. He concluded that the two classes of poets are oblivious to human pain and sorrow. Their poetry does not reflect the miseries of human beings. In the present poem, he has proven this argument.