Embodiment in African Literature

Embodiment in African Literature Statement of the problem Embodiment in African Literature reflects cultural traditions, colonial history and inner conflicts of African people, thus it is impossible to interpret African narratives without appropriate understanding of these aspects. In his novel Things Fall Apart and short story collection Girls at War Read more…

Existentialism and Absurdism

Existentialism and Absurdism The present paper undertakes an extensive investigation of Existentialism. The present paper, as such, looks into existentialism from a number of perspectives exploring the various ideologies for the very phenomenon and also it pursues the link of existentialism to absurdism. In the first section of the present Read more…

I Can Play Schools Summary and Questions

“I Can Play ‘Schools'” is the story by May C. Jenkins, which focuses on the relationship between a young widow and her little girl, Marian, who is not the kind of child she had expected. Marian was born deaf and dumb and does not meet her mother’s wishes in several respects. The mother loves her “after all,” despite the “ever-recurring pain” at the sight of the little girl next door, Freda, who is fair-skinned, “golden-voiced” and full of confidence. Marian, on the other hand, is quiet, tentative, and doesn’t feel at ease with other children.

Footprints without Feet: Summary and Questions Answers

The story “Footprints Without Feet” is an excerpt from the novel “The Invisible Man” written by H.G wells. The novel deals with the adventures of a scientist – Griffin, who discovers a mysterious drug that could make the human body invisible. He is invisible after taking the medication. He sets fire to the landlord ‘s house which makes him homeless. As it is mid-winter, he faces several difficulties; however, he overcomes most of them by one means or another.