Snowdrop By Ted Hughes: Summary and Question Answers

The poem is written by Edward James Hughes. In this poem, the poet describes in a few words a very tough and cruel image of nature. He creates an atmosphere of a hard winter and uses images from nature to portray the toughness and brutality that a severe winter brings. The poet describes in a few words the way the winter has reduced the horizon of many creatures. He says the world has shrunk and many outdoor creatures are on the verge of death. They no longer scurry or fly as they used to.

Persons Living with Disabilities (PLWDs)

Governments all over the world have embarked on challenging and ambitious vision to enable the achievement substantive equality especially for the disabled persons among other minority and marginalized people. People living with disabilities deserve equal choices and opportunities to enable them to bolster the quality of their lives. They should be treated equal members in any society. Disability is the result of an impairment, which may be cognitive, physical, sensory, emotional, mental, developmental, or a combination of them. It is a problem in the structure or function of the body.