Summary of Dust of Snow

The poem ” Dust of Snow” by Robert Frost tells us about the healing power of nature. Nature has a cure for everything whether it is a bad mood or an illness. The poet is going through such a bad day when the crow suddenly shook the dust of snow on him from the hemlock tree. Instantly, snow makes him happier. Nature has made him realise that his problems are petty and that he should not waste a day like this. Usually, the Crow symbolises a bad omen. Since the Crow is not related to goodwill, it is ironic that he did an honest deed in this poem by shaking off the snow.

The poet chooses a hemlock tree which is related to poison and toxicity. The attractive snow that adorns the toxic branches of the hemlock tree is shaken by a terrifying crow. The crow throws the snow on the poet. The feeling of the snow is shifting his mood. He chooses to forget the regrets of his past and to seek the road of healing of his inner soul. This poem conveys the message of positivity. It teaches us that if we take things in a constructive way, circumstances change for the better. The poem tells us that every small act of life will illuminate our souls and inspire us to do better.

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