A Morning Walk

Morning is the most pleasant and valuable part of the day. I am early riser. I believe in saying, ” Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Morning walk is a habit. It is in fact a good habit that keeps you fresh, active and happy all through the day. I can’t imagine a day without a morning walk. I get up very early in the morning. I brush and change and get ready for the morning walk.

I walk all alone along the calm and peaceful roads. The world is calm, pure and peaceful. There is no din, no noise, no dust and no smoke. The is no noise of horns. The clear sky and the clear earth stand to welcome you.

The calm and silence of the atmosphere makes you feel peaceful and happy. You breath pure air, you feast your eyes on the green lawns. Trees wave their green hands. Birds chirp in you welcome. I move toward a garden. The vast lawns are spotted with people. There are a few tiny tots amidst elders. Young men are busy jogging. The cool feel of air is refreshing.

A morning walk takes you to other world. It is the world of joy and pleasure. It is the world of sweetness and honey. You forget your cares and worries. Fresh air runs in your veins. You feel active, smart and fresh. You feel healthy. Your day begins on a happy note. I reach home at 7. AM. I finish many essential works before many of idlers in my family get up. I have experienced that morning walkers remain fresh, active and happy all through the day. The morning walk bestows them energy that they use throughout day.


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