Essay on An Ideal Students for Children in English

An ideal student is one who excels in all areas. He is an all-rounder.  By all-rounder, we mean someone who excels in school, sports, and household activities. His guiding ideals are discipline, obedience, respect for elders, and hard work. An ideal student gets up early in the morning. He revitalises his body by going for a morning walk regularly. He understands that only a healthy body can support a healthy mind. He is not just a bookworm; he also participates in many co-curricular activities and games. He enjoys adventure, which makes him enterprising. He never puts off work for tomorrow because he believes in the importance of today. Friendship and relationships are important to him. His decent behaviour is a defining feature of his personality. He cares about everyone and tries to help everyone. He visits the library regularly to expand his knowledge. He enjoys fine arts such as painting, music, sculpting, and reading as a hobby. He requires information that he hopes to satiate by reading various books and thereby expanding his imagination. He embodies hard effort, dedication, and humility.

Student life is the best time of your life. He is carefree and enjoys life to the fullest, but this is also a training phase for him. A student should cultivate his overall personality while still enjoying life. He should be carefree without being careless. Finally, a student should learn proper etiquette. He is likened to blotting paper. He strives to learn positive things from everyone.

He learns from his teachers, but he believes in self-help more. He relies heavily on libraries for assistance. He wants to know everything and everything about everything. A good student has a good group of pals. He believes in living simply and thinking deeply. He does not squander time or money going to movies or staying in hotels. He goes to the playground regularly. An ideal student stays away from anti-social and time-wasting activities. He does not consume alcohol or smoke. He does not plan strikes or clashes with other pupils. He does participate in cultural events such as music, talks, and dramas. He lives his life according to a predetermined schedule.

An ideal student makes his or her parents happy. He does not squander his parents’ hard-earned money. He is also courteous to his teachers. He regards his teachers as his actual guides. He is fully aware that his teachers are concerned about his well-being. The teachers are pleased with their ideal students. He is the nation’s ray of hope. He is the nation’s future leader.

An ideal student has a clear life purpose. He works hard to achieve his goal regularly. He never works in fits and starts. Life’s difficulties do not damper his spirit. He accepts all inconveniences with grace. He is well aware that through hard work, patience, and perseverance, he would be able to achieve anything in life.


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