Calming Blue

Blue has the shortest wavelength. Specifically it affects us mentally. As being the coolest color Blue is the most favorite color of majority. It causes all the opposite reactions that are related with red color. Tranquility, peace and calmness are the specialties of Blue.

One can easily say that blue is also a positive color as it indicates loyalty, relaxation, peace, heaven, truth, intelligence, communication, efficiency, serenity, logic, coolness, piety and wisdom. Though there are some negative emotions or feelings also related with blue like aloofness, sadness, laziness and solitude but the positive impacts are more than the negatives. All the shades of Blue are considered beneficial to mind and body. People proved more productive in blue rooms through various studies. It makes the body produces calming chemicals, so it’s often used in bedrooms.

Blue is a preferred color in corporate as it distinguishes stability, expertise and depth. Traditionally it considers a masculine color that mostly appeals men. In advertising blue can be good choice when targeting male customers. It is also used to promote purity and cleanliness.

Though blue is one of the most used color in nature it’s one that is least engage with food. It is really rare in edibles. Except blueberries and some kinds of plums you can hardly find it in edibles. It is also revealed by some studies that blue slows down human metabolism and influences the appetite. It is good to eat in a blue plate if you are weight conscious. Seeing blue while eating slows down your appetite.

As dark blue considers as the color of strength, loyalty, dutifulness, seriousness and integrity so it is widely used in law and forces agencies’ uniforms. People in high economical, political or social places often wear dark blue or medium blue suits.

There are different effects of various tints and shades of the same color. A person might like turquoise and dislike pale sky blue at the same time. It is not essential that every shade of blue (or any other color) appeals you if you like any other shade of it.

Why is the Sea Blue?

Like the sky, the sea appears blue when we look at it. When light enters the sea, only blue is reflected back into our eyes. All the other colors are absorbed by the water so we do not see them. Because sea water absorbs light so well, all of the red, most of the violet and about 80% of the blue disappear by the time light reaches a depth of about 46 meters (150 feet). At 110 meter (360 feet), only 1% of light remains and it becomes quite dark down there. Different kinds of plankton use the light available to grow, while creatures living in the depth are adapted to total darkness.

This is a brief review on the existence and appearance of colors around us. However there are assorted effects of colors on people. Colors are more than simply a byproduct of the spectrum of light. We feel anxious in yellow environment, easy and relaxed in blue, peaceful with green, passionate with red and so on. Colors can dramatically affect moods, feelings and attitudes. With this powerful non-verbal communication tool people can cause various physiological changes. Different colors can increase metabolism, heart beats and can change blood pressure level.

Your feelings about colors are very personal and mostly based on your experiences and traditions. For instance you love pink color and always feel passionate about it because your mother wore it mostly when you were a kid or do you remember the soft blue of your grandma’s bedroom that makes you feel calm even just think about it. Color is such a powerful force in our lives. It directly affects our mind and body.


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