Vigorous Yellow

Comparatively yellow color has longer wavelength than blue. It is one of the most stimulating colors. It represents the power of emotions specifically. Psychologically yellow considers as the strongest color. It has especial affects to lift people’s self-esteem and spirits if used in right tone. Optimism and confidence is related with yellow.

Yellow is cheery and warming but sometimes feels most fatiguing to eyes because of the high amount of reflected light. If used extremely around or continuously then it may affect eye strain and vision loss. It is recommendable to not use it on computer monitors. Studies have shown that yellow color can also create frustration and irritation. It is observed that people lose their tempers easily in yellow environments. Babies tend to cry more while dressing yellow or being in a yellow room because of its disturbing effects.

Yellow is good to increase metabolism. It is often associated with edibles. Most of the high valued diet is related with the color for instance egg yolk, corns, honey, mangoes, bananas, turmeric. It provides a high value to edibles with its warmness.

Bright and pure yellow is more attention grabber than red in night as well so it is widely used for taxicabs. When using with black it indicates sign of warning and caution. Traditionally it distinguishes cowardice in many regions around the globe. Sense of aging, sickness, jaundice and jealousy are also associated with assorted tints of yellow. It is good to avoid yellow while dealing some important corporate dealings because of the childish affect of it. It is unstable and spontaneous when related with corporal issues so it is better to avoid it for stability and safety.


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