Robust Red:

Having the longest wavelength, Red is a powerful color that increases our passions at once. It affects us physically. It is strong, bold, aggressive, catchy, associated with danger, love, alertness and energy. Strength, determination and excitement are related with it. It increases heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate in certain environments. Think about a passionate person when the heart rate goes up and the skin flushed reddish because of natural flush of redness especially in cheeks. Red skin is a physical reaction of anger as well so it is also associated with revenge and anger. Healthiness of a person is also reflected by red color in oppose to those who are pale in body tone.

Red has a deep impact on our passions. So various traditions and cultures relate red color with love and hate both. It depends on circumstances. Love is the color of heart that is not only pumping the red blood in our bodies but also closely associated with our feelings. Greeks and Hebrews considered red a symbol of love and sacrifice. However in Roman Catholicism it is related with guilt and sin. Satan is usually presented in red costume in iconography, popular cultures and Christianity.

Traditionally it considered a feminine color in various regions of the world. All have their own experiences with colors so there are those who like red color as the memory of their wedding (mostly in Asian countries) or it reminds them the first rose that is received by a loved one. But there are many others who hate it because it reminds them any trauma or accident.

As being a strong color it is good to use a little amount of red around just to enhance the attraction of the environment. Small doses of it can often be more effective than excessive usage. The warm red color stimulates emotions and visually appears larger in amount even if used in equal amounts of other cool colors. When used in food it increases appetite by affecting metabolism. Now I understand that why it is so popular in restaurants.

After the studies indicated that Red carries the strongest reaction of all colors, it is recommended to use it widely as a danger signal. That is why it is specifically used in danger signs, warning signals and indicating extreme heat or high voltage. Since red has the highest visibility rate stop lights, stop signs, emergency exits, fire equipment are usually red in color to have noticed in a glance.

Why does the Sky Look Red When Sunsets?

Visible light is made up of seven colors, each with its own wavelength. Blue has a short wavelength and easily scattered by tiny dust and air particles. So, even when the sun is overhead and light has only a short distance to travel through the atmosphere, blue light becomes separated and we see a blue sky. But when the sun is lower in the sky at dusk or dawn, light has to travel mush further. All the colors in the spectrum of light become scattered as they travel. Red has the longest wavelength so it is the only color to reach us.


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