Miracles By Walt Whitman Summary and Questions

For ages, people have had differing opinions about miracles. Did miracles really happen or the universe is the product of a chance? Across all cultures, peoples, and time periods, there have been stories of miracles. According to the general view, miracles are hard to believe and can’t be explained on scientific grounds. But Whitman claims that he has never known anything other than miracles.

Persons Living with Disabilities (PLWDs)

Governments all over the world have embarked on challenging and ambitious vision to enable the achievement substantive equality especially for the disabled persons among other minority and marginalized people. People living with disabilities deserve equal choices and opportunities to enable them to bolster the quality of their lives. They should be treated equal members in any society. Disability is the result of an impairment, which may be cognitive, physical, sensory, emotional, mental, developmental, or a combination of them. It is a problem in the structure or function of the body.

Unknown Citizen By W.H. Auden Summary

The Unknown Citizen is a satirical poem by the poet W.H. Auden in 1939. It is based on a regular citizen or a common man in a state controlled by the government. Auden in the poem describes a citizen for whom a monument has been erected as an example of a citizen with no faults. Auden in the poem critiques modern society and its functioning.