Good manners oil the machine of life….earn us respect….’please’ and ‘thank you’ settle bitter quarrels….should be observed……respect elders… polite to the younger….. talk less and listen more……take turn in queue……civility of behaviour is a moral obligation…….bad manners create bitterness


Good manners oil the machine of life. Man is the wisest creation on Earth. Since we all live society, we should know how to think, talk and behave accordingly. Parents should teach their children about their dealings with family members, friends, neighbours and teachers etc. A person with decent manners shows respect and courtesy for others living in the surroundings. He never discriminates people and shows equal respect for all. Good manners are the ornaments of a good person. They earn us respect. Words like PLEASE and THANK YOU can settle bitter quarrels. Good manners should be observed everywhere. We should respect our elders. We should be polite to the younger. We should talk less and listen more. We should take turn in queue. Civility of behaviour is a moral obligation. Bad manners create bitterness. They should be given up.


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