Q.1 What is polythene and who discovered it?
Ans. Polythene is a flexible synthetic resin made from ethylene. It was discovered by the German scientist Hans von Pechmann.

Q. 2 What does Rakesh’s father expect from kids?

Ans. Rakesh’s father expects kids to stop using polythene bags.


Ans. Rakesh’s father expects from kids that they will stop using polythene bags which the elders have so far failed to do.

Q. 3 Why is polythene widely used?

Ans. Polythene is widely used due to its cheapness and portability.


Ans. Polythene is widely used because it is cheap and easy to carry everywhere.

Q.4 What is biodegradation?
Ans. Biodegradation is the natural breakdown of substances like sewage or packaging materials by bacteria or other biological means. However, polythene does not biodegrade.

Q.5 What are the harmful effects of polythene?
Ans. Polythene causes diseases like malaria, cholera, and infertility. It also blocks water systems, leading to floods, and harms plants and animals in water bodies.

Q.6 How is the soil affected by polythene?
Ans. Polythene damages the soil ecosystem, reducing its carrying capacity and cutting off respiration. This negatively impacts plant and creature life in the soil.

Q.7 How does polythene affect animals?
Ans. Stray animals may eat polythene, leading to death. Additionally, approximately one billion marine animals die annually due to polythene pollution.

Q.8 What is SRO 182?
Ans. SRO 182 is a law in Jammu and Kashmir, dated 18/06/2008, banning the use of polythene within the state’s territorial limits.

Q.9 How can we save our posterity from the harmful effects of polythene?
Ans. To protect ourselves and future generations, we must completely avoid using polythene.


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