The Unthankful Man

The Unthankful Man is a beautiful story. This is a story about thanklessness. Raman was a poor Brahmin who lived on the outskirts of a small town. He was so poor that he and his wife had to remain hungry for days together. His wife was fed up with their poverty. So Raman decided to go to a nearby town to look for a job.

On his way, he had to pass through a forest. He was tired and hungry. He gathered some wild fruit and sat down by a well to eat it. Just then he heard some voices coming from the well. He looked into the well and found a monkey, a tiger, a snake and a man in the well. they all asked for his help. One by one Raman pulled them out of the well and they all thanked him and promised to help him whenever he needed.

Raman reached the nearby town but could not find any job. He felt depressed and decided to go back home. As he neared the forest he decided to visit the monkey. The monkey was overjoyed to see him and presented him sweet, juicy mangoes to eat.

Raman thanked the monkey and continued his journey. He came upon the cave and called out for the tiger. Like the monkey, the tiger was happy to see Raman and presented him with a precious necklace which was given to him by a prince. Raman decided to sell the necklace to the man he had saved from the well as he was a goldsmith. The goldsmith instead of helping Raman got him arrested on the charge of murdering the prince. Raman decided to take help of the snake who told him that he will bite queen and only Raman will be able to cure her.

Then the snake bit the queen and Raman cured her. The king was pleased with Raman and asked him how did he land in prison. Raman narrated the entire story to the king. The king got angry with the goldsmith. He sent his guards to arrest the goldsmith and gave Raman a bag of gold. Raman thanked the king and went home and lived happily with his wife.

Difficult words and meanings

Outskirts: The outer area of a city, town, or village

Peep: To secretly look at

Ungrateful: thankless

Depressed: hopeless

Plight: an unpleasant condition

Charge: Formal accusation

Innocent: sinless

Working with the text

1. Why was Raman’s wife fed up?

Ans. Roman’s wife was fed up with their poverty.

2. What did Raman see when he peeped into the well?

Ans. He saw a tiger, a monkey, a snake and a man in the well.

3. Why was Raman scared of the snake?

Ans. Roman was scared of the snake as he thought that if he pulled it out of the well it might bite him to death.

4. Raman was hungry. What did the monkey do?

Ans. The Monkey picked up sweet and juicy mangoes from a tree and gave these to Romans.

5. What did the tiger give him?

Ans. The tiger gave him a necklace that a Prince had given to him.

6. What did the goldsmith do when Raman showed him the necklace?

Ans. The goldsmith went to the king and told him that he had made the necklace for the prince. He told him that the man might have killed the prince and stolen the necklace.

7. How did Raman cure the queen?

Ans. Roman touched the forehead of the queen and was cured.

8. Why did the king send the goldsmith to jail?

Ans. The king sent the goldsmith to jail because he had lied about the man. The goldsmith had framed wrong charges against an innocent man who had once saved his life.

Grammar Work

Report the following sentences :

1. “Let us push on a little further,” said Shabir.

Ans. Shabir proposed that they should push on a little further

2. He said to me, “Let us wait for our friend.”

Ans. He proposed to me that we should wait for our friend

3. Mubashir said, “Abuji, let us go to the Nishat Bagh.”

Ans. Mubashir said to Abuji that they should go to the Nishat Bagh.

4. The boy said to the teacher, “Let me take my seat, sir.”

Ans. The boy asked the teacher to let him take his seat

5. Rashid said to Hamid, “Let me have a cup of tea.”

Ans. Rashid told Hamid to let him have a cup of tea

6. He said, “Let him run fast, he cannot catch the train.”

Ans. He said that he might run fast, he cannot catch the train

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