Money Madness of Money Madness

According to poet D. H. Lawrence, humans are obsessed with money. The desire for money is a form of insanity. Society has developed an obsession with money. The poet refers to it as collective insanity. This is the poem’s subject. Today, it causes mental anguish to anyone who hands someone a pound note. Humanity has forgotten how to assist others. Money has been given an excessive amount of importance by man.

Money wields a terrifyingly cruel sway over man. Without money, man is pitiful and humble. Money-madness has resulted in a schism between men. The wealthy look down on the impoverished. They humiliate people who lack money. As a result, men are afraid of money. Fear can result in an emotional outburst in man. Individuals assert that they require money in order to avoid humiliation.

Thus, the money-crazed society has placed a higher premium on money than on life values. It has resulted in the degeneration of life values. There is no evidence of empathy, comprehension, or regard for others. Humanity has lost its faith in man. As wealth accumulates, the spiritual dimension of human life deteriorates. The poet expresses his dissatisfaction with this situation. He educates us on the dangers of money-madness.

Otherwise, a man will murder another man for money.


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