The Mystery of Mesmerizing Colors Around Us

Lovely and Delightful Colors! I am in love with multicolor. When somebody asks me about my favorite color I simply tell that it’s ‘multicolor’. How can you choose a single from a variety of loving fascination? Mostly they start arguing that every one must have a particular favorite color but it’s vague. Suppose if blue is my favorite then I must look for a blue banana or blue skin to please my favoritism. That doesn’t make sense so I am saying I love multicolor because all colors have their own effects and charm. Their fascinating shades fascinate me every time in a different manner in assorted environment and I cannot prefer one on others. Have you ever imagine a grey earth with no color at all. Isn’t it horrible to just think about? Colors are one of the blessings of Almighty God that we take for granted and never be grateful for such a multicolored, lively universe.

Why Do Things Seem To Have Color?

White light appears colorless but sunlight or white light is actually a mixture of seven colors. When white light is shone through a triangular prism, the transparent glass bends the light and splits it into seven colors. Things around appear to have color because of the color of the light that is reflected back from them when white light hits them. When sunlight hits the Earth’s atmosphere, blue light is scattered by the air and the sky appears blue. Also sky and the sea both appear blue because air and water do not absorb the rays of the blue light. It’s interesting to know that the colors of light when see them passing by a prism are always arranged in the same order.

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