Vocation Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions:

1. What does the hawker advertise aloud?

Ans. The hawker advertised aloud about his crystal bangles,

2. Who scolded if he gets dirty?

Ans. The young boy is scolded if he gets dirty.

3. What accompanies the watchman?

Ans. The watchman is accompanied by his lantern and shadow.

Think and answer:

1. What could be the age group of the speaker in the poem?

Ans. The speaker in the poem could be seven to eight years of age.

2. What is the difference between a hawker and a shopkeeper?

Ans. The hawker moves from one place to another to sell his goods whereas the shopkeeper has a fixed shop to sell his goods.

3. How do parents react when they see children soil their clothes in dust and heat?

Ans. Parents scold or rebuke their children when they soil their clothes in dust and heat.

4. Why is the street light compared to a one-red-eye-giant?

Ans. The street light is very tall with a single red light. So it is compared to a giant with one red eye.

5. What exactly does the speaker in the poem crave for?

Ans. The speaker in the poem craves for freedom. The young boy sees different people doing work which they enjoy doing and he wishes he could have the same freedom in his life.

6. When do the poet walk to school?

Ans. When the gong sounds ten in the morning the poet walks to school.

7. At what time the poet returns from school?

Ans. The poet returns at four in the afternoon.


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