Winter in Kashmir

Winter is the coldest season in Kashmir. It starts in December in Kashmir and lasts in the middle of March. There is hitting chill in the air. Cold and icy winds blow throughout this time. Days are short and nights are long.

People put on their woolen clothes as soon as winter season sets in. They use blankets and others warm coverings. Phiran is very famous in Kashmir and is commonly put on during winter. All activities come to standstill. Life in the valley become immobile. People especially elders confine themselves within theirs homes. Government offices are shifted to Jammu. Business comes to an end. Birds and beasts retire into their hidings.

Winter is so severe in Kashmir that people dare not to come out. They keep indoors and warm themselves by room bukharies, kangries and warm clothes. It is difficult to come out for fear of frost bite and cold. The Banihal road gets closed due to heavy snowfall. The valley is cut off from the rest of the world for quite some time. Educational institutions remain closed during December to February.

The first snowfall is bewitchingly charming. It covers fields, gardens, housetops, streets and bazaars. A while snow blanket covers the entire Valley. Children make snowballs and play with them. A part of the Dal Lake gets frozen and the people enjoy walking over it. Visitors come to the valley during winter months for skating and skiing. People clear snow from housetops, courtyards, streets and lanes.

In fact, in winter heavenly whiteness embraces the valley.


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Winter in Kashmir is a magical season

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